Thursday, March 15, 2007

Please Vote!

Dear Fellow Graduate of the United States Air Force Academy,

As graduates, citizens, and nominating committee endorsed AOG Board candidates we subscribe to the Air Force Academy’s ideals of Integrity, Service, and Excellence. We are both honored and proud to have received endorsements of our candidacies from our brothers and sisters of the Long Blue Line. Those graduates endorsing us are not necessarily saying that we, as a group or individually, are "better" than the other candidates. On the contrary, we are extremely impressed with the quality and dedication of all of our candidates for the AOG BOARD.

Our endorsers may or may not know these other fine graduates. They are, however, indicating that they know us, they trust our judgment, and they expect us to serve you with Integrity, Service and Excellence. They also agree with us because they know this election and indeed, future business and activities of our AOG, need to be conducted with respect, camaraderie, and civility. They understand that we are committed to that.

As you consider your vote please consider the endorsements of our fellow graduates. We are grateful for their confidence and we will live up to their expectations.


Mike CHRISTY (1963), Fred GREGORY (1964), Bill STEALEY (1970) , Mike OTT (1985), Frank SCHMUCK (1988), and Jereme ESTES (2002)


Group Endorsements for all ISE Candidates:

CHRISTY (1963), GREGORY (1964), STEALEY (1970), OTT (1985), SCHMUCK (1988) and ESTES (2002)


Name Class Profession/Notables

Gen. Ron Yates, 1960, USAFA Distinguished Graduate Award Winner
Lt. Col. (Ret) Hal Keck, 1962, Real Estate Broker
Col (Ret) Jimmie H. Butler, 1963, Author
Col. (Ret) Devere Henderson, Ph. D., 1963, Consultant Information Technology
Lt. Gen. (Ret) Thad A. Wolfe, 1964, Defense Industry Executive
Lt. Gen. (Ret) Brett Dula, 1964, Former ACC Commander
Lt. Col. ANG (Ret) Matt Feiertag, 1964, Class Historian, Teacher
Maj. Gen. ANG (Ret) Randy Jayne, 1966, Managing Partner Executive Search Firm
Lt. Col. (Ret) Dick McConn, 1966, Philanthropist
Dave Wagner, 1969, Law Firm Owner and Attorney; Not For Profit Chairman
Lt. Col. (Ret) Les Dyer, 1969, Retired Airline Pilot, Firefighter
Col. (Ret) Lindsey Parris, 1969, Class President/Scribe, Author Consultant
Gen. (Ret) Speedy Martin, 1970, Defense Industry Consultant
Maj. Gen. (Ret) Jay Barry, 1970, Defense Industry Executive
Mike Kellley, 1970, Defense Industry Executive
Lt. Col. (Ret) Rod Jones, 1971, Airline Check Airman, Former Liaison Officer and AOG Board Member
Lt Col. (Ret) “Cope” Copenhafer, Jr, 1972, Airline Captain
Col. (Ret) Wayne Holum, 1973, Airline Captain, Former Thunderbird
Rico Racosky, 1976, Author and Airline Captain
Lt. Col. (Ret) Denny R. Hugo, 1979, Airline Captain
Mark Leyba, 1981, Airline Captain
Tom Sylvester, 1982, Airline Pilot, Author and President of Software Company
Glen Cammarano, 1985, Distinguished Graduate, Auto Dealerships Owner and General Manager
Tim Lynch, 1987, Financial Executive Public Software Company
Lt. Col. USAFR Tom Rempfer, 1987, Airline Pilot; Academy Liaison Officer
Lt. Col. Chris Pike, 1988, National War College Student
John Peschio, 1989, Wings of Blue Reserve Training Officer and Airline Pilot
Sean Basinger, 1989, Airline Pilot
Mike Baldini, 1991, Airline Pilot
Captain USAFR Peter Swanson, 1995, Admissions Liaison Officer and Portfolio Manager
Capt. Steve Ramirez, 2001, USAFA Assistant Tennis Coach
2Lt. Meredith Benson, 2006, Women's Soccer Team Captain and Athletic Distinction Graduate


Additional Individual Endorsements

Mike CHRISTY (1963)

Name Class Profession/Notables

Maj. Gen. (Ret) John Borling, 1963, Vietnam POW
Col. (Ret) Fred Beauchemin, 1963, Civil Engineer
Col. (Ret) Preston Davis, 1963, Defense Industry Executive
Col. (Ret) John J Haluska, Jr., 1963, Defense Industry Executive
Lt. Col. (Ret) Tom Fryer, 1963, Retired Banker
Peter V. Allen, Esq., 1963, Counsel for Fortune 500 Company
Gerald Ahmann, 1963, Retired Airline Captain
Jerry Bowers, 1963, Retired Airline Captain
Col (Ret)/ Dr. Paul Kaminski, 1964, Chairman/CEO, USAFA Distinguished Graduate Award Recipient
Col. (Ret) Dick Husemann, 1965, Educator
James Piper , 1965, Partner, Executive Search Firm


Fred GREGORY (1964)

Name Class Profession/Notables

Gen. H.T. Johnson 1959, USAFA, Distinguished Graduate Award Recipient
Col (Ret)/ Dr. Paul Kaminski, 1964, Chairman/CEO, USAFA Distinguished Graduate Award Recipient
Col. (Ret) Jeffrey Levy, 1964, Entrepreneur and CEO
Matt Feiertag, 1964, Class Historian
Lt. Col (USAFR) Jack Huff, 1975, Airline Captain, Union Representative Academy Liaison Officer
Brig. Gen. Janet Therianos, 1980, Ass't to the Ass't Vice Chief of Staff, Pentagon


Bill STEALEY (1970)

Name Class Profession/Notables

Col. (Ret) Dick Husemann, 1965, Educator
Chuck Kavcsak, 1968, Retired Airline Captain
Charlie Weinert, 1969, Defense Executive
Lt. Gen. (Ret) Thomas Waskow, 1970, Consultant Government Security Company
Lt. Gen. (Ret) Timothy A. Kinnan, 1970, Defense Industry Executive
Col (Ret) Gary Bagliebter, Esq. , 1970, Partner/Attorney
Col. (Ret) Rich Downing, 1970, Association Executive
Col. (Ret) Joe Burke, 1970, College President
Lt. Col. (Ret) Larry Bush, 1970, Engineer
Lt. Col. (Ret) Rich Harrington, 1970, Airline Captain
Lt. Col. (Ret) Jim Rogers, 1970, Development Manager Aviation Company
Lt. Col (ret) Yogi Royce, 1970, Educator
George Crow, 1970, Senior Pastor
Scott Hoversten, 1970, System Analyst
Tom Rayl, 1970, Airline Captain
Mike Torreono, 1970, Managing Director
Ed Rashid, O.D., 1970, Department Vice Chair and Ophthalmologist
Mike Lambert, M.D., 1970, Surgeon/CEO
John Hale, 1970, Executive
John Monahan, Esq., 1970, Law Firm Partner and Attorney
Al Wurglitz, Esq., 1970, Rhodes Scholar and Attorney
Ed Epping , 1970, Executive
Lt. Col. (Ret) George Wargo, 1972, Defense Contractor
Col. USAFR Glenn Seitchek, 1983, Entrepreneur
Scott Korbin, 1983, Mortgage Executive
Lt. Col. Clay Wisniewski, 1984,Project Manager/F-15 Pilot
Jeff Gallino, 1990, CEO CallMiner, Inc.
Maj. Juice German, 1993, F-15 Pilot
Capt. Scott Burke, 1997, Controller


Mike OTT (1985)

Name Class Profession/Notables

Richard J. Cathcart, 1967, Vice Chairman of Public Industrial Conglomerate Company
Col. (Ret) Roger Moseley, 1968, Pilot and Photographer
G.L. Hoffman, 1971, Entrepreneur, Private Company Chairman
Steve Lundy, 1983, Healthcare Executive
Lt. Col. (Ret) Bill Lindsey, 1985, Airline Pilot
Frank Lucci, 1985, Airline Pilot
Lt. Col. USAFR John B. Williams, 1985, Reserve Squadron Commander
George Pope, 1985, Financial Executive Public Industrial Company
Lt. Col. USAFR Rick Debrock, 1985, Deputy Liaison Officer Director and Airline Captain
Rick Sorrells, 1986, Service Company COO
Mark Fitzgerald, 1986, Major Law Firm Partner
Lt. Col. USAFR Bart Gray, 1986, Investment Banker
Skip Wipson, 1989, Investment Banker
Brian Gesuale, 1994, Wall Street Analyst


Frank SCHMUCK (1988)

Name Class Profession/Notables

Lt Col (Ret) DJ Mrosla, 1968, Retired Airline Captain
Lt Col (Ret) Tim R. Ayres, 1968, Retired Airline Captain, Vietnam POW
Mike Langley, 1968, Retired Airline Captain
Lt. Col. (Ret) Rich Harrington, 1970, Airline Captain
Roy Hendrickson, 1972, Airline Captain
Ed Zerambo,1975, Airline Captain
Lt. Col (USAFR) Jack Huff, 1975, Airline Captain, Union Representative Academy Liaison Officer
MGen ANG David Robinson, 1976, Airline Chief Pilot; Former Thunderbird Pilot
Lt Col (Ret) Joe A. Smutko, Jr., 1977, Airline Captain
Lt. Col (ret) Buck Lansford, 1978, Airline Captain
Col. USAFR Don Cohick, 1979, Airline Captain
Lt. Col. USAFR Jeff Wesley, 1984, Airline Captain
Lt. Col USAFR Rick Debrock, 1985, Deputy Liaison Officer Director and Airline Captain
Maj. ANG Pete Uchmanowicz, 1988, Guard Pilot and Airline Captain
Maj. USAFR Todd Tofaute, 1988, Academy Liaison Officer and Airline Captain
Maj. USAFR Jon Bowser, 1988, Academy Liaison Officer and Airline Pilot
Mark Peters, 1988, Class Scribe
Maj. USAFR Jon Hobbs, 1988, Airline Captain
Lt. Col. Steve Hall, 1988, Air Battle Manager
Hiro Wajima, 1988, Airline Captain
Gil Vondriska, 1988, Airline Captain
Maj. USAFR Sean Jones, 1989, Airline Captain
Capt. Erik "Hal" Halvorson, 1995, Airline Pilot


Jereme ESTES (2002)

Name Class Profession/Notables

Todd Wilkowski, Esq., 1989, Attorney
Capt. Derek Root, 2001, Pilot
Capt. JD Foy, 2001, Navigator
Corbin Koepke, 2002, Project Manager
Nicole Green, 2002, Language Teacher
Capt. Matthew Clugston, 2002, Medical Corps Engineer
Capt. Brad Foster, 2002, Pilot
Capt/Dr. Amy Schultz, 2002, Periodontic Surgeon, Class Scribe
1Lt. Shane Swenson, 2003, Communications Officer


As fellow graduates of the Air Force Academy and Members of the Association of Graduates (AOG) we are six candidates who subscribe to the tenets of Integrity Service and Excellence (ISE).

Mike CHRISTY (‘63),
Fred GREGORY (‘64),
Bill STEALEY (‘70) ,
Mike OTT (‘85),
Frank SCHMUCK (‘88), and
Jereme ESTES (‘02)

We ask for your vote in the March/April 2007 Board of Directors Election.